Recruitment area:
Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania or Portugal

WELDERS (Welding Certificates 136, 111, 141 and 131)

Standby Recruitment 2002-28SB.

Our organization will show your application to potential clients at all times. You will have an instruction whereby you will have to notify us every week about the availability for the specific recruitment.

Client company:


Recruitment area:


Special recruitment:

Candidate CV and photo will be share to prospective clients who have needs as below.

Candidate must every coming week by designated e-­‐mail confirm interest to remain a candidate for the following week. If no confirmation received candidate will be deleted.

There is no limit on how long a candidate can stay on the list except until recruitment cancelled. Members of Dolphin can ask to be on the list as well. Members and candidates can be on simultaneously on various recruitments.


A.S.A.P and 180 days with possible returning next year.

No of hours per week:

Minimum 40 hours per week some contracts offered with 50-60 hours per week minimum.

Pay per hour:

Euro 15 minimum – Higher for skilled candidates can get up to Euro 25.


Overall assessment of positive details such as:

  • Experience in Welding and has a valid certificates for Welding certificates 136, 111, 141 and 131.
  • Skills in DRAWING and WELDING.
  • Communicative English or Polish.
  • Having good health condition.
  • Driver’s license type B’ (not compulsory).
  • Fork lift experience is plus but not compulsory

Assessment is done from CV.

Photos of candidate must be enclosed

Candidate can be sent back if not qualified after arrival.


General welding work that required general welding skills and experience following the right certificates that are up to date.


Accommodations with high standard follows Dolphin Group standards (that include WI‐FI 24/7). Accommodation is at the farm or close to farm. Person will have own bedroom but can share kitchen, toilet/shower.

Transportation is available to buy domestic supplies nearby.


Not know yet but in Sweden.


Paid travel to and from country of origin at arrival and departure by Dolphin Group Company.

Other details:

Membership in Dolphin Group recruitment company, self‐employment at country of origin with affiliation as self-­employed at Social Security Authority.

Client will supply work clothes.