Chef - Restaurant

Recruitment area:


2 CHEFS - Kristianstad / Sweden


Ordinary Jobs recruitment is a requested position directly from a specific client. Most are urgent recruitment and have detailed information about the job required.

Client company:

First year

Number of people:

2 People.


START A.S.A.P. to 8 OCTOBER 2023

It’s possible that well-performing candidates can be offered work next year.

No of hours per month:

Minimum 40 hours per week (most likely 45-50 hours per week over the contract period)

Work is according to schedule with shifts for lunch and evening. The lunch shift is 8 AM to 5 PM (many clients extra hours). The evening/dinner shift is 2 PM to 11 PM (the end time also depends on the client).

The person is free 2 days a week and every 3rd weekend it’s weekend that is free according to shift planning.

Pay per hour:

Euro 22.50 (18.75) per hour (pre-taxes and social security)

An applicant with documented less than 5 years of chef experience is paid initially Euro 18.75 per hour.

An applicant with documented more than 5 years of chef experience is paid Euro 22.50 per hour.

Note the selected candidate will be Swedish Self Employed and earning are having approximately 40% fiscal charge

(alternative rule all market except Bulgaria on posted self-employed person also possible)

Probationary tests for selected candidates for a maximum of 14 days are paid at Euro 18.75/22.50 (depending on experience above) per hour (inconvenience pay only for none Swedish resident candidates). Test candidates will have free travel to and from the test including accommodation.


Overall assessment of positive details such as:

  • English, communicative, spoken – verified
  • Positive to physical work
  • Having a good health condition
  • Experienced in previous work as a chef or similar
  • Knowledge of hotel work is a plus

Preferred candidates’ profile

Flexible person who is fit and communicative. Used to teamwork. Have experience from classical chef work previously.

Selection process:

From the CV in English, the hotel management will conduct together with the Dolphin team an online interview with the candidate. If the candidate passes interviews the next is to travel to the site and conduct the 14 days arrival probationary test period. If the candidate pass tests the regular contract will commence.


Chefs do all from the beginning to the end of the process – no assisting staff at this location.

    • Unpack and sort goods
    • Be part of the planning
    • Prepare lunch that is a new dish every day
    • Prepare the week’s main course, the week’s vegetarian and afternoon menu that is served 7 days a week
    • Keep the kitchen and other spaces used in the kitchen clean, neat and tidy
    • Run service with the above-mentioned parts
    • Prepare and set up the evening a la carte menu which consists of 4 starters and 5 main courses and 4 desserts and is changed every 6-8 weeks
    • A la carte service with all that it entails
    • Shutting down and cleaning the kitchen

Info about company:

Well-established small hotel focused on clients playing golf, with two units (28 rooms) and one (20 rooms) located next to the conference centre and restaurant with a housekeeping unit based. The total number of rooms is 48. The hotel has also a restaurant. Current staff are mainly Swedish, Danish and Czech.

The restaurant is operated by a manager and 7 other chefs (in total with the two positions 9 chefs). Other chefs are from Sweden and Denmark.

See photo


Free accommodation at the site in a large well refurbished villa next to the part of the hotel that deals with the Golf course. The part of the hotel that deals with the conference is located 500 meters away by bike crossing the golf course or 1 km by regular road. The villa has 7 to 10 people living each with their own room including their own toilet with shower. The kitchen and laundry room are shared with rules of use to be applied. There is the possibility to have one family or friend visit and sleep over in the person’s own room as long based on follows rules given. Free Internet WIFI 24/7. Cleaning at accommodation is handled by the candidates themselves.

See photos

Bikes are available free for own use. The closest village 1 km away has, a small supermarket, para-pharmacy and post office agent. ATM machines are 10 km in a larger city with all kinds of shops and services.

Main location:

Kristianstad (10 km)


Malmö Airport – MMX (approx. 105 km)

Copenhagen Airport – CPH (approx. 128 km)

Ystad – Poland Ferry (approx. 85 km)

Karlskrona – Poland Ferry (approx. 121 km)

Karlshamn – Lithuania Ferry (approx. 67 km)


Free travel to and from the country of origin at arrival and departure by Dolphin Group Company for the 14-day test.

Other details:

Membership in Dolphin Group recruitment company, self-employment in Sweden (Swedish: taxation and affiliation for social security). Assistance from the Dolphin backup team.

If the candidate chooses the alternative option to be self- employed from the country of residence assistance is given from the Dolphin backup team on how that works and conditions (not available for Bulgaria).

The client will supply work cloth Client will supply bedclothes