Construction Worker

Recruitment area:

3 Warehouse Repairmen - Umeå / Sweden


Ordinary Jobs recruitment is a requested position directly from a specific client. Most are urgent recruitment and have detailed information about the job required.

Client company:


Number of people:

2 – 3 people.


Immediately until 01.06.2023 with the possibility of prolongation.

No of hours per week:

Minimum 40 hours.

More hours can be available, up to 50 hours per week.

Pay per hour:

Euro 18,75

Swedish Self Employment recruitment (expected fiscal expenses 40% – depending on annual income level)

Note: Possible foreign posted self-employment, other rules apply if chosen.


Overall assessment of positive details such as:

  • Communicative English / Russian / Ukrainian.
  • Having a good health condition
  • Experience as:

          • Carpenter

          • Welder (Gas, Mig methods – valid certificates if available).

          • Plumber

  • Efficiency at work
  • Driver’s license B’

Selection for the test is done from a CV and online interview.


Repairing a warehouse inside an agriculture farm. Work is usually done in pairs of 2-3 persons and Welder tasks can be included, Gas welding with Acetylene/oxygen on thin-walled pipes by Mig welding / Stick welding.

The plumber should be able to lay new pipes and scratch pipes, both plastic, copper, and steel. The most important part is troubleshooting knowing.

Info about the client:

The client has an agricultural farm, and he would like to repair a warehouse inside the farm. Swedish management inside the farm including the warehouse project.


Accommodation with fair standards follows Dolphin Group standards (that includes WI-FI 24/7). Accommodation is a nearby project. Workers might have to share a double bedroom in case single bedrooms are not available also can share living rooms, a kitchen and a toilet/shower.

See photos

Main location:


Paid travel to and from country of origin at arrival and departure by Dolphin Group Company.

Other details:

Membership in Dolphin Group recruitment company, self-employment at the country of origin with affiliation as self-employed at Social Security Authority or offered Swedish Self Employment as a partner with assistance to get registered and filing to authorities.

The client will supply work cloth (trousers, jacket and boots), and bedclothes can be arranged by the farm.