Car Painter

Recruitment area:
Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Portugal.



Ordinary Jobs recruitment are requested position directly from a specific client. Mostly are urgent recruitment and have detailed information about the job required.

Client company:

Established client since 2018.

Number of people:

1 person.


6 month and with possible prolongation long term if first contract works well.

No of hours per week:

60 hours per week.

Free Sundays. This apply for the first 6 months. Usual workday 10 hours Monday to Saturday.

Pay per hour:

SEK 210 per hour pre-taxes (Euro approx. 20)

Swedish Self Employment recruitment (expected fiscal expenses 40% – depend on annual income level) alternative posted self-employed from country of resident rules apply.

Expected net earnings contract 6-month period, if Swedish Self Employment and no absence Euro 18.720.


Overall assessment of positive details such as:

  • Fair and communicative English or Polish (NotePolish candidates do not need English)
  • Experience as car painter.
  • Positive to physical work.
  • Having good health condition.

Assessment is done from CV and references.

Selection process:

Assessment is done first from CV with possible online interview to select candidate.

Once a candidate is approved, he will have to sign a probationary agreement that is for the 14 first days of test period. If approved after 14 days candidate will sign contract for the remaining period as self-employed.


Car Painting work at Car Paintwork shop, handling car paintwork with cars and trucks, includes installation work. Most work is with trucks.
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The ultimate client:

The workshop has 4 – 5 people working simultaneously mainly from Sweden and Poland.


Accommodation follows Dolphin Group minimum standards (that includes WI-FI 24/7).

Accommodation based in Helsingborg area and it’s about 25 km between workshop and accommodation one-way. Candidate will have access to a company car for travel.

See pictures

(bedroom is separated but common areas are shared with other colleagues who work at workshop)

Main location:


Main international airport for arrival are:

Copenhagen Airport – CPH

Malmö Airport – MMX ort

Approximately distance to:

Ystad port – 117 km

Karlshamn port – 165 km

Copenhagen Airport – 96 km

Malmoe Airport – 87 km


Paid travel to and from country of origin at arrival and departure by Dolphin Group Company.

Other details:

Offered Swedish Self Employment as partner with assistance to get registered and filing to authorities.

Support by Dolphin internal staff for, administration, travel and miscellaneous details

Bed cloth provided by client.

Work cloth provided by client.

Candidate must have a full passport (not only national ID).