Chef - Restaurant

Recruitment area:
Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Portugal.



Ordinary Jobs recruitment are requested position directly from a specific client. Mostly are urgent recruitment and have detailed information about the job required.

Client company:

New client

Number of people:

1 person


20th June 2022 until 21st August 2022 (possibility of 1 more month prolongation)

No of hours per week:

Minimum 50 h / week.

(12h-21h / 6 days a week (One day free) some days will be 7-19 instead and some 7-16. Usually available on Mondays.)

Pay per hour:

Euro 19.25 / h

(open for Swedish Self-Employment and posted foreign self-employment, rules apply respectively)


Overall assessment of positive details such as:

  • English – Good level (Lithuanian is a plus)
  • Experience in working in kitchen
  • Good attitude in dealing with colleagues
  • Good health condition

‘Preferred applicant

Preferably nonsmoking person, and if a person smokes can only have limited smoking breaks and in a certain distance from the restaurant as working area is smoking free. Person should be fairly young and has great health condition Person should have worked in the kitchen and know all basics of working in a restaurant efficiently. Good level English writing and speaking.

Selection for test is done from CV. Test is done for a maximum period of 14 days with inconvenience pay per test hour Euro 19.25 if test is passed assignment can be agreed.

Candidate can be sent back if individual efficiency changes later during contract to non-acceptable levels.


Regular kitchen tasks and preparing meals a la carte. That includes:

  • Making sandwiches (such as meatball sandwiches and shrimp sandwiches, rolls etc..)
  • Chop vegetables, frying salmon, French and schnitzel etc.. and similar preparatory jobs.
  • Overall cleaning during closing
  • Keeping good hygiene all around

Client company:

Swedish café/restaurant. Workplace is a smaller kitchen. First half of the day, 2 people are working along, then during lunch time 3 people working alone and then in the afternoon 14h the last two hours only one person doing closing. The foreman is either the owner himself and when he is not there then it is another older chef. All staff are Swedes, including those who work with customers in the café / restaurant.


The accommodation is on upper floor of the restaurant’s building. Private room, around 18 square meters, shower available. Shared with another Swede who sometimes sleeps there b. Wi-Fi 24/7. The kitchen of the restaurant can be used respectfully.

Grocery stores, ATM and pharmacy are nearby.

Main location:


Paid travel to and from country of origin at arrival and departure by Dolphin Group Company.

Other details:

Membership in Dolphin Group recruitment company, self-employment at country of origin with affiliation as self-employed at Social Security Authority. Work clothes & Bedding will be provided by client.