Recruitment area:
Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Portugal.

2 Farm Mechanics


Ordinary Jobs recruitment are requested position directly from a specific client. Mostly are urgent recruitment and have detailed information about the job required.

Client company:


Number of people:



START A.S.A.P – rotating 2-3 month at work/home.

No of hours per week:

Minimum 50 hours a week more work is available than minimum.

Pay per hour:

Assessed after test

Qualified candidate minimum Euro 14 per hour.


Overall assessment of positive details such as:


  • Communicative Polish and/or English
  • positive to physical work
  • having good health condition
  • drivers’ licence (B) minimum
  • welding experience
  • electronic experience
  • pneumatics experience is a plus


Selection for test is done from CV.  Test is done for a maximum period of 14 days with inconvenience pay. If test is passed assignment can be agreed.


Preferred candidates’ profile

Flexible person who have quick solutions in mind to secure that production at farm with the support of machines do not end up at a standstill. The person is expected to like the work and be responsible.


Service and repair of machinery at farm including the packing facility. Small repairs done when the facility is operating, and larger repair is done at time slots when facility is at a standstill mainly early morning, evening or weekends. Welding tasks occur. Maintenance of water pumps, hoses, hydraulics. Electrical work, changing contacts and troubleshooting. Pneumatic tasks occur.

Info about farm:

Large potato and vegetable farm with Polish and Swedish staff. Owner and Management is Swedish. Own packing and production facility.


House follows Dolphin Group standards (that include Wi-Fi 24/7). Farm have various accommodation in proximity to the farm. Accommodation is at the farm and transportation is provided by using cars the farms cars


Supermarket and Pizzeria is 2 km from farm.

Main location:

Motala (12 km)


Ystad – Poland Ferry (aprox. 409 km)

Karlskrona – Poland Ferry (approx. 295 km)

Stockholm Arlanda Airport (aprox. 279 km)

Skavsta Airport (approx. 144 km)


Paid travel to and from country of origin at arrival and departure by Dolphin Group Company.

Other details:

Membership in Dolphin Group recruitment company, self-employment at country of origin with affiliation as self-employed at Social Security Authority. Application for Swedish F Certificate of good standing. Farm will supply work cloth (trousers, jacket and boots), Candidate can borrow from farm bedclothes